About Abigail

foot_care_holding_foot_hhfcHello and Welcome to Humboldt Home Foot Care. My name is Abigail and I am passionate about making the world a better place “one happier pair of feet at a time”.

My relationship with feet began with 13 years in the comfort shoe business. Working in small independent shoe stores I came to love everything foot related. These small shoe stores (including Redwood Bootery—for those of you who are long-time locals) fostered my learning. I appreciated that knowledge and “care for the customer” was of utmost importance.

I moved to Bellingham, WA to finish my Business Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies at Western Washington University and naturally took a position with another family owned shoe store called Hilton’s Shoes. The duration of my residence in Bellingham remained mainly focused on shoes and feet. I developed relationships with podiatrists in the area–learning more about feet, in order to best serve my customers. I went on to serve as a medical assistant for one of these podiatrists and I absolutely loved working with the senior population. I realized so many folks cannot reach or see well enough to safely trim their own nails and how difficult (or scary) it can be to ask a family member to do it for them. Many seniors also have limited access to transportation and insurance coverage is often minimal when it comes to routine foot care. An idea began to take seed in my heart about doing home visit nail care. I even found a mentor in Bellingham doing exactly that kind of care who I learned much from and I soak up her knowledge and wisdom whenever possible.

My father was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and that initiated my return to Humboldt County. Dad and I were close and both thankful to have those last 8 months together. As often is the case when losing a parent, I became introspective and more aware of how precious our time is. I knew I wanted to follow a life and career path that would combine my passion, skills and education. Instinctively I knew that it had to be a “foot path” located in beautiful Humboldt County. I am lucky to have family and wonderful friends who have been so supportive all along the way. It was time to re-visit the idea of in home foot care.

In an effort to help feet in need and to further my education, I completed a Hands-On Foot Care Training Course proctored by Dr. Julia Overstreet DPM in Issaquah, WA. With Dr. Overstreet’s encouragement I have established Humboldt Home Foot Care and it has been immediately fulfilling. I continue to be blessed with wonderful clients and love helping feet that have troublesome nails and calluses. I serve as the first line of defense for maintaining happy healthy feet. I absolutely refer clients to podiatrists, wound care specialists, dermatologists and/or any other appropriate physician as I only work within the scope of routine care and do not diagnose or treat any condition. My work is to alert my clients of any concerns in their lower extremities, trim/reduce thickened/difficult toenails, reduce and smooth calluses and apply moisturizer via a gentle and relaxing massage. My visit is the promotion and maintenance of happy/healthy feet and is also a relaxing treat.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or to set up an appointment.
I truly look forward to meeting you and caring “one toe at a time”.

From the bottom of my soul/sole and Sincerely,
Abigail Dagmar Pyeatt